l.a. gear!

First and foremost: Happy Monday! Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? It was quite a scorcher here but I was able to cool off with some delicious iced tea, a nice afternoon breeze, and freshly cut pineapple. Sometimes, those three things are just what you need to cool off.

In any case, I squealed with delight when I came across these gems. They totally go back to my days as a kid in the early 90s wanting the coolest kicks. Lucky us, L.A. Gear has decided to bring back an entirely new collection of their own throwback "Old Skool". So rad!



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  • melina: said... Reply To This Comment
    oh my, so many memories just slammed me in the face. I used to collect the license plate keychains!!!
  • sssshhhh, listen... i think i hear the fourth grade calling.
  • 1.9.09
    Whoooooaaaaa. You just took me way back.

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