camera obscura.

It is a good thing that I have put myself on a shopping hiatus (until Black Friday--only 59 days from today!). Very good. Otherwise, I might actually cave and shell out over a bill for these super-awesome bracelets. Photographer Craig Arnold broke a lens and in turn gave birth to a line of camera-lens bracelets. How cool is that?



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  • so cool! oh i love creative people! like you and your blog! thanks so very much! xx
  • Amaly said... Reply To This Comment
    oh no way! I loooove these bracelets! unfortunately/fortunately do not have a job so I can't buy them either! ;) lol...I know what I will be buying with my first paycheck!
  • very unique, especially for all of the photo lovers on the internet!!
  • Leigh said... Reply To This Comment
    Those are fantastic!! :)
  • 30.9.09
    I want to go to there! How cool! Thanks for showing us :-)

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