HAND soap.

Happy Hump Day! How about we start the day off with this: {Eeek!} This made me laugh and cringe at the same time. I have no idea if this is creepy or genius or a little bit of both, maybe? Thoughts?



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  • 30.9.09
    That is so creepily cook! Cool find!
  • 30.9.09
    definitely both creepy and genius! lol ..
  • 30.9.09
    Haha, Creepy but definitely a funny interpretation of the words hand soap.
  • ah, t! i saw these on etsy the other day and i actually had to quickly get out of the page. remember when we were talking about how i'm prone to nightmares? yeah, these hand soaps don't help... at all. :/
  • tfh. said... Reply To This Comment
    Celia: lo siento! Please forgive.

    (I, however, still think they're AWESOME!)
  • Vera said... Reply To This Comment
    Very, very creepy!
  • 30.9.09
    Awesome word play, but creeeeepy!
  • Adriana said... Reply To This Comment
    haha, this actually creeps me out...really. Couldn't use it!! Sorry T :)

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