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LOVING these prints from designer Gianni Rossi. I love how they are all done in "un style bien rétro"!



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  • How cool! They are all "bien retro" - great find!
  • And all really great bands.
    The first one, the opening band - School of Seven Bells - have you heard them? They're PHENOMENAL. Really A+!
  • tfh. said... Reply To This Comment
    Melina--I have not heard of School of Seven Bells! I will have to give them a listen.

    Also, I just noticed that the above Ladytron show was on my birthday!!!

    {P.S. Did you get Melissa's text?}
  • wow i love those!
  • 29.9.09
    I agree, Seven Bells are great. But the Björk poster is my favorite!
  • I did get her text! So jealous, but she deserves it.... :)
  • 29.9.09
    Yes, love the M83 print, very nice...

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