surprise sunday breakfast #2: a perfect "sunday".

For those of you following my blog, you already know that I've implemented the Surprise Sunday Breakfasts. What you don't know is this: last Sunday, I was called in to work early and Ryan was called into work later on that afternoon. We usually have Sundays as our one full day to spend with one another and, well, a wrench was thrown into our plans. So what happened? Well...Ryan has every other Tuesday off and managed to convince me to take yesterday off, too! (Ssshhh!) The Sunday that was robbed of us was redeemed and it all started with a Surprise "Sunday" Breakfast consisting of Nutella croissants, freshly brewed French-pressed coffee, eggs, and orange juice. {C'est parfait, n'est pas?}



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  • Katie said... Reply To This Comment
    YUM! i had wonky "weekends" too with my Ryan's schedule. those look great though!!
  • oh.em.gee. put nutella on just about anything, and i am one happy girl.

    email headed your way sometime today!!

  • melina: said... Reply To This Comment
    Ohhhh I love odd schedules; makes you feel as if the world outside is on fastfoward with rush hour and work, but everything is normal inside your home! My man is a tuesday-saturday guy, and since I do all my work at home I can take off Monday if he decided to serve me that ridiculously perfect French breakfast that yours served you. lucky!
  • Adriana said... Reply To This Comment
    ha! I love the nutella idea, that's so excellent!
  • yummm those look really gooddd!!!!
  • Ali said... Reply To This Comment
  • denise said... Reply To This Comment
    Tuesday might even be better than Sunday, for a quiet time w/ your love. You get to feel like you are getting away with something.
  • 25.9.09
    Ok, definitely trying these. I love that you took an extra day off to spend together.
  • Lil said... Reply To This Comment
    These sound amazing! Would you be so kind as to share your croissant recipe?
  • 25.9.09
    delicious!! I am so making these soon! I can't wait!
  • 25.9.09 husband is going to be so. happy.
  • 25.9.09
  • Hazel said... Reply To This Comment
    Dear TFH,

    Could you post up the recipe for Nutella croissant, please? I love nutella, makes me a happy person.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks and cheers! :)
  • 29.9.09
    oh my! these look fabulous! now I won't sleep until I make some, lol :)
  • 29.9.09
  • 4.10.09
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  • 4.10.09
    Yummy!I could do with some of that.Today I had croissant with jam filling but those looks delicious!!!
  • MsK said... Reply To This Comment
    My husband and I made these for our one year anniversary breakfast last weekend. We added lingonberry jam with the nutella - it was completely sinful! And perfect for our anniversary breakfast! Thanks for the "sweet" post.
  • 17.1.10
    These look glorious.
    My manpiece was taken from me this Sunday AM too. I'm going to totally surprise him with these as a midafternoon treat.

    Love what i've seen of your blog.

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