happy friday the 13th!

Oooh! I love that today is Friday the 13th. Although a superstitious day, I credit the number 13 to good luck, especially in my life. Ryan's and my first date was on the 13th of April, after all. And we ended up getting married on Friday the 13th, too! How do you feel about today? Are you generally a superstitious person?



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  • 13.11.09
    LOL that picture is mad creepy!

    i am not really superstitious
  • Adriana said... Reply To This Comment
    Not superstitious as all, is that borng?

    Oh and Tanya, I linked your blog for an award today :)

  • Carissa said... Reply To This Comment
    okay funny story, my fiance and I started dating on FRIDAY the 13th of March. Haha. We thought it was so funny, especially since EXACTLY six months later we got engaged, and will be getting married next September. So much for superstition :)
  • Zen Yee said... Reply To This Comment
    My boyfriend and I got together on the 13th too!
    He took me out on a nice dinner on Friday the 13th to celebrate! :)

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