the SMART ride.

**THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I POST THIS!!! I PROMISE!!! This week is THE week that we will ride. So read on read on. Thank you all who have contributed!!! It means the world to us.**

Dearest friends, family, and most special readers,

I have a favor to ask of you. On January 8th and 9th 2010, Ryan and I are participating in The SMART Ride (The Southernmost AIDS/HIV Ride)--a 165-mile bike ride from Miami to Key West to raise money for HIV/AIDS charities in which 100% of the funds donated to the riders will go.

For a very long time now, I've wanted to do something in HIV/AIDS research and awareness and finally, the opportunity has presented itself to me. I feel an immeasurable passion towards educating the public about HIV/AIDS research and want to do my part in helping these charities as much as I possibly can.

That being said, any amount will be most appreciated. There is a "donate" link to the right of this entry which is linked to PayPal. If you can help out, I will be eternally thankful (and if you send me your address, I will be glad to write you a personal thank you note, too!).

[For more information about The SMART Ride, read here.]

Thanks so much!


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  • 17.11.09
    Congratulations!!!! I wish you two the best best best of luck!!! :)
  • Lemme wait for a paycheck, and I'm in! PS: Thought you may love this like I did:
  • tfh. said... Reply To This Comment
    Melina--thanks so much! That means so much more than you could ever know!

    P.S. I DID love that link. In fact, I did a post about it back in May! (

  • D said... Reply To This Comment
    This sounds like a good event to partake in. Can't wait to hear more. xo
  • Wren said... Reply To This Comment
    I can't find the link, but I'd love to donate to this amazing cause! This sounds like such a great charity ride! Fun AND difficult.
  • Kate said... Reply To This Comment
    I got your very sweet personal snail mail note recently and I'm sorry i've been slow to reply! expect something in the mail soonish! xoxox
  • What a wonderful thing to be apart of!!!!!!
  • Celia said... Reply To This Comment
    how did i miss this post?!? i need a couple transactions to clear in my business account and then i'll definitely donate. by monday, for sure!

    *that all just sounded a little too ADULT for me*

  • tfh. said... Reply To This Comment

  • 17.1.10
    I love that you did it!. We had such a major cold snap that week. Me and the bf are doing the upcoming MS awareness ride that follows the same route.

    I'd love to hear how it went.

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