bretagne, je t'aime beaucoup!

Last night, Ryan and I fell in love...with Brittany, France. After watching Anthony Bourdain take Brittany by storm, we decided that this is where we would like to end up. A quaint fishing village in the South of France, fresh seafood galore, and a beautiful landscape to call home (I mean, the images speak for themselves!), we seriously could not ask for more. Oh, and did I mention the signature striped shirts? Ohh la la!



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  • 26.1.10
    I watched this too. It looks so beautiful; that blue/green/gray color, the stripes and the salty caramel!
  • 26.1.10
    beautiful pics.
  • I'll move with you!!! I'll move with you!!! Oh, mon rève!
  • D said... Reply To This Comment
    can i sleep over?
  • 29.1.10
    Wow, how cute does Bourdain look in Brittany stripes?!? I'd never ever thought he'd go for such a wardrobe choice, haha.
  • tfh. said... Reply To This Comment
    D: you most certainly can sleep over! Imagine collecting sea shells on the shore, indulging in some fresh oysters, and then having a beer by the fire. C'est si bon, no?
  • Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment
    When I was in high school I spent a summer in a small town in Brittany called Lannion. It was so great. I took French lessons during the day and during each break we'd walk down the road to a patisserie and bought apple turnovers. I got so chubby.

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