have a lovey dovey weekend!

My sweets, do you have anything planned for the weekend? I'm planning on reinstating my Surprise Sunday Breakfast, now that I have Sundays off again! {Huzzah!} I know, I know, it's been so long--work schedules be damned--not that that's a reasonable excuse! In any case, I want to sleep in, lounge around, and catch a an old movie at the cinema. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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  • 23.1.10
    now that sounds like a great idea :) hope your breakfast is Fab! :)

    Betty Bake
  • Adriana said... Reply To This Comment
    Hope you had a great weekend T, can't wait to hear what your Sunday Suprise was..?
  • 26.1.10
    what a lovely picture...i hope your sunday surprise was wonderful. as for me i rode horses, decorated my bike's basket, and finished reading middlesex...lovely winter weekend!

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