I know, I know. Some of you may call me a traitor after what I'm about to tell you. But hear me out. Polaroid will always and forever be Number 1 in my heart. But. Upon seeing the Fuji Instax (in white, no less!) my heart melted. Not a little. A lot. And then I got to thinking--why is there such a division between hardcore Polaroid fans and those who want to give the ingenue a chance? I'm torn somewhere in the middle but definitely leaning towards rooting for the underdog. And c'mon! Look at how cute it is, too!



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  • 23.2.10
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  • 23.2.10
    so cute. speaking of polaroids..i just found mine from my parent's anniversary. i had guests take polaroids of themselves as they came in, stuck them in a book, and then had them leave a note. so much fun!
  • Carolyn said... Reply To This Comment
    I totally bought one and LOVE it!!

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