Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Relaxing and restful, I hope. After a highly unsuccessful bicycle-hunt with my little brother, I scoured the internet and decided that I would start saving up for this cute Dutch bicycle. I'm thinking I want it in black, though. Oh, and I will most definitely add a basket in the front! What do you think?



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  • b. said... Reply To This Comment
    oh how i wish i looked like that riding a bike!

    my room mate has an upright dutch bicycle (aka molly)which she is totally in love with, hers is a pretty lilac and black combo and it is a beautiful looking bike. practically it is very sturdy and those bike last forever and ever :) just make sure you get one fitted with breaks as not all dutch bikes have them!

  • Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment
    Beautiful bike! Just make sure to buy some heavy-duty looks for that baby!
  • Celia said... Reply To This Comment
    yes, definitely save up! and make sure to tack on a pair of those shorts too...
  • deffinniteelyy! Although I prefer it in the pastel pink and creamy white, it's very whimsical. With a little wicker basket..adorbs!
  • Ahh I see, you custom build. Black would be cool but I'm still vying for the pastels above..I couldn't get mine to look like that though :(

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