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A friend of ours has two Samoyeds--an adult and a puppy. And let me tell you: these things look like miniature polar bears! According to the usually-trustworthy Wikipedia, Samoyeds are native to Northwest Russia and Siberia. They're known to be reindeer herders (!!) and would sleep on top of their owners to keep them warm. Isn't that adorable?



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  • 8.4.10
    oh my gosh they are soooo cuuuteee! i want one!

    xo tiffany
  • Lauren said... Reply To This Comment
    Soooo cute and cuddly! :)

  • Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment
    Cute puppies
  • T.I. said... Reply To This Comment
    Thanks for posting a photo of my Samoyed pups. They're with new owners now - so I suppose they aren't entirely mine anymore but that's how I think of them. I find this photo all over the internet cos I put it on Flickr.com and it got over 35 thousand hits. I'm glad you like it and I like the title you put with it. We kept one of the pups and she's called Cindy and is lying on my foot as I type this. All the best, Tim, Dublin, Ireland
  • 13.11.16
    Samoyeds are simply adorable. They can be your closest bet to a fluffy stuffed toy. They also have very minimal of that doggy odor you’d usually find in most dogs. If you are interested in getting one, learn more about it from this very informative article I found: http://dogsaholic.com/breeds/profiles/samoyed.html

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