a note.

Dear Ryan,

I hear Paris is beautiful in the spring. There are lots of flowers in bloom, fresh veggies at the outdoor market, not to mention a plethora of wines and cheeses. Oh Maybe this time this year we'll be there? Just sayin'...

Your wife.



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  • Celia said... Reply To This Comment
    do it, ryan. GO!
  • 26.5.10
    Seriously, this is cute. I need to write my posts to my fiance about moving to California. He reads my blog, and I drop the hints everywhere else so I might as well do it on Mo Pie too! Glad you are hooked on Twin Peaks! I love it.
  • Carolyn said... Reply To This Comment
    GORGEOUS... oh I miss Paris.
  • Katie said... Reply To This Comment
    oo la la so pretty!
  • brooke said... Reply To This Comment
    If you go, talk to me before! Xavier has a lot of friends who still live there and can give you the inside scoop on food, fun, and touristy-things. xoxo

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