happy monday!...and running on empty.

Today is the seventh straight day that I've gone to work. And all I want to do right now is stay home and in bed. Yuck. You know, I like working hard and doing a good job. But sometimes (read: today), work can really be overrated. {Pout.}



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  • CLGJr said... Reply To This Comment
    You're almost there!!
  • Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment
    Dude, tell me about it. I've worked almost every weekend for the past month and a half. Go IKEA, huh?
  • tfh. said... Reply To This Comment
    Haha! Vanessa: I only work part-time at IKEA and chose my hours for the weekend. However, I had to rearrange my schedule at my other job and it just happened to make my week the longest ever. My own fault, really :-)

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