happy wednesday!...and it's december! {eeps!}

Good morning, lovelies. I woke up this morning and the sky was grey. A storm rolled through and brought with it some "wintery" weather (for Florida, at least) which excited me because today, I got to wear a sweater. That's right. Long-sleeves, tights, etc. And it actually feels like December.

Even weirder, I got a little teeny tiny hankering for coffee. Coffee! If you remember, I {temporarily?} parted ways with coffee a few months back. But this morning, I just felt like having one. So I got one. Guess what. It's still not as great as I remember it being and it's definitely not as great as I so wish it would be. But hey, it's December and I'm celebrating this cold(ish) weather! How is your morning so far?



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  • 1.12.10
    Yay for wintery weather in Florida! I tried to give up coffee, but I find that I really do love me some coffee, so I am limiting it to one cup or less a day. :)
  • Celia said... Reply To This Comment
    ooooh. we had a nice wintery morning today, so i made myself a cup of hot chocolate :) !! happy December!

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