badge of honor.

Speaking of bicycles...I find these vintage bicycle head badges pretty damn awesome. Why aren't they designed like this any longer? {Sigh.}



hang it up.

As a great supporter of small space living, I thought this bike rack / book shelf combination was aces. Look at how simple the entire thing is! It almost looks like art, no?



it's peanut butter time.

How did I never know that peanut butter was this easy to make? Thank you, Kelly, for sharing this today. I will have to try this out soon, seeing as the husband has quite the love for this creamy delight!




Man, oh, man. Ten days before our trip and I am desperately trying to contain myself. In any ordinary situation, I would be scrambling to get things done before the date of departure. I would be checking, double checking and triple checking our confirmation numbers, passport expiration dates, and dates of travel. But not this time. This time, I am ready...except for one thing: what to pack? I have to decide what pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories, and gifts to bring. Help! I'm only there for ten days and it's hard not to want to bring everything! What do you usually pack when you go on an international trip? Also, I'm curious, what are some comfortable outfits to wear on the flight over? I've done this trip numerous times before, but for some reason, this time feels different...maybe it's because it's the first time I'm traveling with someone I'm crazy in love with and this trip is actually a monumental one as he will be meeting the whole other side of my family. Yowza!



moon festival.

Last night, Ryan and I had the utmost pleasure and honor of being a part of friends' Mid-Autumn Festival, otherwise known as the Moon Festival. Celebrating the end of the summer harvesting season, family and close friends gather for a feast. The traditional food which is eaten is the mooncake--a morsel of super sweet pastry filled with lotus seed paste and traditionally, an egg yolk. Apparently, the more egg yolks you have in your pastry, the more expensive the mooncake. Anyway, mooncake wasn't the only food we had. There was bbq, rice noodles, curry, leafy greens, fish, corn, grapes and of course, rice. There was even a durian! And although I myself have no desire to ever ingest a durian, Ryan bravely did so and I could not be prouder. {He did, however, need a beer later on that night to "rinse" the durian taste from his mouth. Ha!} I feel like I'm forgetting other foods, but I just can't remember them all right now. And everything was absolutely delicious.

What struck me the most, though, about this celebration wasn't just the food. It was the family. There were aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, husbands, wives, and children. They all reminded me of my own family. They were a Malaysian-Chinese family and although I myself am not of Malay or Chinese descent, I am of Filipino-Japanese heritage. All of these cultures have many differences but the one thing I noticed was the one thing that connected all of us together: the food. Seeing this family interact with one another made me feel so warm and welcome. I felt so included in this celebration and also so privy to their real home life that few so rarely see and experience. It gave me a greater appreciation for my own family and everything they encompass. After all, my family, with all their quirks, traditions, and manners, shaped everything about who I am today.

Ryan and I left the dinner with bellies full of incredible food and a heart that was so deeply touched.



keep it simple.

This print would look really great in an office /study at home, don't you think?



happy tuesday!...and happy fall!

Autumn has officially begun {everywhere else but Florida but hey, a girl can dream} and I couldn't be more excited. We don't get the gorgeous fall leaves here, but we do get pretty crisp weather complete with all the smells associated with the season: cinnamon, spices, and that undeniable scent that floats through the air that you can't really pinpoint but just know that cooler weather is right around the corner. Riding bicycles is a more frequent activity, opening windows to let fresh air in is the norm, and baking sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar are pretty standard in our household. I love the spring, but fall is a very very close second.



random dose of loveliness.

Where's Bea?


see you later, coffee. hello, tea!

Dear Coffee,

I'm sorry but things are changing. Someone else who's always been in the background is now taking center stage and makes me feel so much better than you. I'm not saying this is a permanent thing. I mean, who knows. Things can change, right? You've been so good to me. My mornings were always perky, my afternoons were indulgent, and with dessert after dinner, you never failed me. But I have to leave you, at least for the moment. Don't take this the wrong way, but it truly isn't you. It's me. I'm not asking you to wait around for me. That would be selfish. But keep me in your thoughts, ok?


Forgive me for what I am about to say: I {think} I can no longer drink coffee. I don't know what happened, but over the course of the last couple of months, I've noticed that my body has developed an aversion to it. That is, I just don't crave it at all. How this came to be is perplexing. I don't think words can truly express how much this bothers me. You see, I loved coffee. Loved. And that isn't even too strong a word to describe it. (I think I might have even loved it more than this girl...maybe not.) In any case, this was a gradual thing. First, it was down to one coffee a day. Then, it was down to one coffee a day before noon. Then, it was down to one coffee every other day, then every three days, and finally {gasp!} one coffee a week. A week! And now it isn't even that. This isn't deliberate, I assure you. Like I said earlier: perplexing. People say your taste buds change every seven years. This being my 28th year, this would mean that this is the fourth time they've changed. But did they really have to change in that direction? Coffee? Really?

Luckily, tea has been a wonderful substitute. And dare I say, a better one? Coffee was great but got me wired in no time. I love how tea is a slow awakening. It doesn't hit you all at once. It's like tea works with your body differently. And I like that about it. With so many flavors to choose from, it's like an endless supply of earthy combinations. When I told people that I "quit" coffee, the response wasn't at all what I had expected. Instead of, "Oh, that sucks," I was met with, "Oh, good! Your body will thank you!" Which then got me thinking: is tea actually better than coffee?

I'm not saying good-bye to coffee forever. But for now, coffee and I will be "on a break."



not yet autumn.

It is still blazing like summer here in the Sunshine State, but that hasn't stopped me from fantasizing of autumn and the cool crisp air it brings. That, and the best fashion has to offer. Not too cold to wear a heavy coat, but definitely cool enough for tights, scarves, and a light jacket. How could you not like fall? And to top it off, Alexa Chung has designed a line for Madewell, J.Crew's little sister. How cute is this coverall dress?




Twenty more days before our trip to Japan. I can hardly contain myself!



the russians.

I cannot believe that these photographs (in color!) were taken 100 years ago. Using a black and white camera with three colored filters, photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii was able to capture these images in time. In.cred.ible! {See more here.}



a cleanse.

The past few days have left me feeling sluggish. Labor Day weekend was lax, but it was still a holiday which entailed holiday fare: burgers, hot dogs, and pizza. Yikes. And so today, I've started to embark on a detox that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains including brown jasmine rice and quinoa. One of my best friends sent me a how-to guide of a detox that her nutritionist friend had recommended to her. So far, this all makes sense. Let's see if I can last the 9 days. What do you do to refresh your body from within? Are you fans of any sort of cleanses / detoxes that aren't considered dangerous (ahem, Master Cleanser...)? I'd love to know!



rare photos.

What a pleasant surprise to happen upon 125 rare photos of famous people. It's great to see these classic celebs in candid shots that not many have seen before. I especially love the photo of Francis Ford Coppola showing Akira Kurosawa his new Polaroid camera. So good! Can you name them? (See all of them here.)




Have you ever been in a situation where you are feeling ridiculous as every second goes by? By ridiculous, I mean, thoughts like, "Whatthef@$%amIdoinghere? Isthisreallyhappening? Whymewhymewhyme? Arewereallytalkingaboutthis? Getmeoutnow!" occupy your head and you just can't shake them? Well, recently this was one of those moments for yours truly.

Let's just say this: when you haven't seen someone in over ten years, there's probably a reason for it. Where in my right mind did I think that I could actually sit through an hour-long moment with someone who I barely knew and instantly came to the realization that I had nothing in common with? Every ingredient in the awkward stew was used: lots of pauses, uncomfortable laughter, heavy sighing, constant clock-watching, and the worst (!), silent judgment. Stories were exchanged where we both appeared to be enthralled in each other's interests but truly, probably were bored out of our least I was. I can't really speak for the other half of this most awkward encounter, but from where I stand, I don't think this will be happening again any time soon.