moving and shaking.

I am taking this time to apologize in advance for the static. Ryan and I are moving out of the studio loft apartment that we love and moving into a two-story home with a porch swing and an orange tree in the back yard. Woot! So pardon the silence, I will be blogging when I get the chance, but with all the packing and moving and moving and shaking, it will be a little crazy. I promise, normal blogging will return soon!




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  • CLGjr said... Reply To This Comment
    Congrats, tfh!! How did I not know about this??!
  • 23.2.11
    Sounds amazing! Best of luck with the move, and congratulations :)
  • 23.2.11
    Congratulations! That is really super exiting! I hope to follow suit within the next few months.
  • 23.2.11
    Congrats! I hope the move goes smoothly!
  • a very happy move to you! it is stressful at first but very rewarding after getting unpacked a bit! and on orange tree makes it all worth while! xx
  • Toni said... Reply To This Comment
    AHHHH! I hate moving - good luck!
  • emmy said... Reply To This Comment
    a new nest! cheers to makin' it cozy.

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