{ahem...} / attention, please.

Well, remember this post and how I said that I "have a lot bubbling over in my real life"? Here it is! Ryan and I are going to have a baby! And we can hardly wait. Oh, the adventures that lie ahead...!


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  • 23.8.11
    Congratulations! That is great news!
  • Vanessa said... Reply To This Comment
    WHOA! Massive news, so exciting! Congrats :-)
  • 23.8.11
    congratulations! how exciting <3!!!
  • 23.8.11
    Congratulations! Such wonderful, exciting news!!
  • Celia said... Reply To This Comment
    congratulations!!!! :o)
  • yay...congratulations!!! and love the pic, that is too cute. :)
  • Katie said... Reply To This Comment
    AHH!! Congratulations you guys! <3

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