yowayowa camera woman.

How cool are these photos! Natsumi, girl-genius of the blog よわよわカメラウーマン(Yowayowa Camera Woman), captures these images of her daily "levitation" using only her camera and a self-timer. Talk about awesome. And of course, she happens to be in one of my favorite cities in the world, Tokyo. Makes me want to go out and try to do this myself!


simple comfort.

Now that the big pregnancy reveal is out, is it bad that all I want to wear are loose-fitting beautiful garments like this? More power to the pregnant women who can wear body-hugging outfits that show off their bumps. But for me, I like the idea of being able to move around comfortably in something soft and non-restrictive. Thoughts?



{ahem...} / attention, please.

Well, remember this post and how I said that I "have a lot bubbling over in my real life"? Here it is! Ryan and I are going to have a baby! And we can hardly wait. Oh, the adventures that lie ahead...!


and we're back!

Enjoying a pineapple jalapeño paleta on the High Line.

Fine meats at Eataly!

Wonderful ladyfriends Kate and Lindsay of The Loyal We.

Gorgeous pastries at South End Buttery in Boston.

Olivia and her Uncle Ryan.
A gargantuan pizza at Figs in Boston. (And my one tiny hand. Weird.)

Beverly and Adam, cutest couple. Ever.


Ryan and I are finally back from our wonderful week-long vacation in New York and Boston. It was filled with lots of food, fun, walking (a lot!), and amazing people, family, and friends. It makes me wish we could just stay up in the Northeast forever and ever. One day perhaps?

Our stay in New York was hosted by our friends Mike and Emma of M + E. We got to stay in their beautiful Brooklyn brownstone and seriously cannot thank them enough for their generosity and hospitality.

In Boston, we stayed with my sister Beverly (of the lovely blog Marmalade) and her wonderful husband Adam and beautiful daughter Olivia. Again, their kindness was beyond anything we could have ever wanted. It was just so wonderful to be around family in a city outside of the one we live in and to explore neighborhoods, cafes, and restaurants. (Obviously, this trip was fueled by food, too.)

Anyway, these are some photos from our trip that I cannot stop looking at. They make me wistful and happy all at the same time. Oh, and my little baby niece Olivia! How could you not want to squeeze those cheeks?



Holy cow. These globes are stunning! They would look lovely clustered together on a mantle or standing alone in a totally awesome kid's bedroom. I kind of want one for myself! {I think I could actually make one of these with a little elbow grease!}



i want to go to there.

This morning I am currently daydreaming of taking a faraway vacation. And when I happened upon these photos of St. Ives, I nearly died. The mystique of the foggy seaside town drew me in immediately and made me want to know more about this little town. The tug boats, the water, and the seal (!) on Seal Island (!!!) are reason enough for me to want to book a flight over there. Right. Now. {Sigh.} Like I said, daydreaming.


everyday harumi.

Last night, after the famed Family Taco Night, Ryan and I took a detour home to the bookstore in search of an everyday Japanese cookbook. I had mentioned to Ryan that although we have been eating more meals at home, something still lacked in the fulfillment of my cooking. I told him that I wanted to really start mastering some Japanese stand-by's so that we could eat healthful, wholesome meals. It seems that so many of the Japanese cookbooks focus on sushi and other typical meals you'd find at an "Americanized" Japanese restaurant. And that's not what I want to make at home. I want to make foods that I recall my grandmother cooking for my sister and me while we visited when we were children. I want to make the foods that warmed my soul and left me happy and full before going to bed at night. And then I stumbled upon it: Everyday Harumi. This book has it all! Tonjiru, mazezushi, and even ankake donburi. I couldn't believe it. This is the book I've been looking for. I can't wait to start cooking out of it. So tonight, I think I'll try a ginger pork dish with bok choy. Oishii!


family dinners.

Growing up, my family never really had a themed dinner night. Dinner was a time for the whole family to get together at the end of the day, sit down, and talk about the day's happenings over a home-cooked meal. And we did this every day. It still surprises me that many families don't get to do this seemingly "normal" activity. That said, our nightly dinners weren't much of an "event" representing any one thing. Ryan's family, however, entertained a semi-regular celebration of each other by having Family Taco Night. There would be a smorgasbord of shredded lettuce and cheese, diced tomatoes and onions, guacamole, and any other fixings one might desire on their taco. And everything would be arranged on a counter-top for you to assemble your taco to your liking. In my mind, this is fantastic. Genius, even! And guess what. Tonight is Family Taco Night! I can't wait. Fiesta! Fiesta!



This band reminds me a little bit of Daft Punk and I'm really liking it. I especially love the video with the gorgeous English seaside.


summer lovin'.

I just found the perfect summer cardigan. Easy, breezy, and oh, so chic!