speaking of birthdays...

Sorry for the static and delay in posting but as you could probably guess...our little girl was born!  Say hello to this little bundle of joy.

Anaïs Tatsuko Fujiki-Hastings
09. March. 2012  |  05.43 am
7 lbs. 7 oz.  |  19.5 in.



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  • Vanessa said...
    Congratulations to you both! She's a beauty :-)
  • Celia said...
    congrats again, tanya! she is amazing. xo
  • Doroula said...
    I visit your blog once in a while, I rarely leave a comment, because I'm too lazy. This time I just can't help myself. She's amazing. Congrats and enjoy motherhood!
  • Anonymous said...
    Welcome to planet earth, A.T.F-H.

    I can send your gift now.

    What a wonderful world, T.F-H. and R.F-H.!!!

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