paris, je t'aime.

Today, I'm finding myself daydreaming about Paris.  I'm daydreaming about taking a trip there in the not-so-distant future and sit at an outdoor café, listen to an accordion in the background, and pretend that I have a gorgeous apartment with gorgeous hardwood floors overlooking some beautiful street.  I want to have picnics with baguettes and wine along the Seine.  I want to take in all of the cheesy romance that Paris seems never to tire of.  I want to take an embarrassing touristy boat ride.  I want to admire the art.  I want to fall asleep in the gardens.  And I want to do it soon.

I mean, it's no secret that I adore all things French.  From the food to the fashion to the culture, what's not to love, right?  So tonight, we, all three of us, are going to check out the Alliance Française's open house for French language lessons.  Not only do they offer adult classes with a relatively flexible schedule, they also have baby classes!  Although I took French in high school, I have to admit, I'm (more than) a little bit rusty.  I've never taken a language class with a boyfriend, so there's something about that in and of itself that gives me butterflies.  If it's what I'm looking for, then I'll feel like I'm doing something good for myself while exposing Anaïs to a new culture.  And that excites me.  Besides, her name is French.  I think I at least owe it to her to learn how to properly say "Je m'appelle Anaïs.  Enchanté." ;-)



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